FLOSS unleashes new single “Floss Like A Boss” feat. French Pirates ++ out May 21 ++ Debut EP “6 FL.OZ” set to arrive June 4


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Hot on the heels of much-praised teaser tracks “Sign” and “Laser,” Berlin-based POP visionary FLOSS is about to unleash the latest single off her forthcoming debut EP – and this time she’s back with a fittingly fresh and nasty feature: Her new single and theme song “Floss Like A Boss,” out May 21, features up-and-coming trap/electro duo French Pirates! The track serves as yet another taste of the fashion-savvy singer’s upcoming debut EP “6 FL.OZ,” which will be out June 4 (and is already available for pre-order).

Sexy and super bass-heavy, dirty and brimming with candy-bar namedrops, “Floss Like A Boss” sees the Berlin-based iconoclast link classic sweet tooth vibes (think Lil Wayne’s “Lollipop”, Kelis) from the 00s with timeless 80s flavors. The result is a wild and fun girl power anthem about the eternal battle between sugar-coated (guilty) pleasures and their dental care nemesis. Just a few bars into the track, FLOSS easily manages to turn those guilty pleasures into “proud pleasures”…

Although 110% dancefloor-ready, “Floss Like A Boss” comes with a strong, unmistakable message the artist deeply cares about: It’s an anthem for FEMALE PLEASURE, FEMINISM, & SEXUAL SELF-DETERMINATION. “We need to put an end to all those clichéd stereotypes and role models,” the singer demands; accordingly, “Floss Like A Boss” serves as the soundtrack to the musician’s recently launched “Do It Like No One’s Judging” campaign, an effort to inspire young women to just be themselves, to articulate their needs and desires without feeling guilty for it.

One of the first songs she’s ever written, “Floss Like A Boss” sounds even more confident and dirty, since her guests Kristine Bogan & Ido Poleg (aka Berlin-based Israeli-US duo French Pirates) add some sick and sublime Trap, Trash and Electro elements to the mix. Produced by Tim & Matteo, it’s another surefire anthem leading up to FLOSS’ upcoming EP.

Keeping things eclectic, dirty, and visually over the top (those animations!) in the accompanying video (out June 4), latex-clad FLOSS appears as a human-sized toothpaste blob sprawling over a giant brush, followed by a wild sugar feast extravaganza that’s fueled by color-crazy mouthwash cocktails (easily more flashy than Purple Drank)…

About FLOSS:

Sweet Escapism x Bass x Female Empowerment: Praised by MYP, DIFFUS & more, Berlin-based singer FLOSS is about to release her first EP offering “6 FL.OZ.” on June 4, 2021. Delivering an explosive, bass-heavy sound complete with hard-hitting punchlines, FLOSS, who used to work for the biggest names in the fashion industry before launching her own brand of super addictive pop, just knows how to create tailor-made sonic worlds: Ranging from ultra-sweet euphoria to salty, all-in-tears heartbreak, her vision is essentially bright and flamboyant, maximalist and feminist at once – forward-thinking guilty pleasure pop with a strong message. “6 FL.OZ.”: in Europe, that’s approximately 177 ml of hi-energy, full-color-spectrum Future Pop Essence.