HI THEREEEE BESTIE! You’re on the right track, baby! And you look fantastic! Welcome to my treasure hunt extraordinaire, a celebration of the release of my new EP „6 FL.OZ.„. Let’s get on track and dive deep into every track of it (I hope you like wet n dirty puns just as much as I do!) Here’s how to float my boat:

  • Follow the track on the map (you receive it at station No 1 and should be holding it in your hands) and stop at every station
  • keep your eyes peeled for the umbrella and glamour and you won’t miss the stations (in case you’re lost you can always check out the cheats on the bottom of this page)
  • Fulfill the tasks at every station, get your goodies and get your map checked off by the station fairies
  • If you visited all stations and answered all questions you get the chance to win a special FLOSS Pleasure Pack (with some satisfying content!). Send me a photo of you with your completed map & the answers to the 6 questions on Instagram or via mail.
  • See you at the final destination, I’m so excited!!

It would be FLOSSTASTIC if you document your experience on your socials & tagged me (Instagram & TikTok: and use my songs as your soundTRACK (ha-ha). I wanna see your individual tracks and repost it all 😍 Have you already checked out my new Insta Filters & GIFs? You can find them on my profile and if you search for „flab“ and „floss laser“ 💦🍭


  1. Which supermarket is right next to the bridge where the Laser music video was shot?
  2. What are 6 FL.OZ. in ml?
  3. What is FLOSS‘ zodiac sign?
  4. Which Bar in Berlin was the set for the „Sign“ music video?
  5. Complete the lyrics: „Your lips are what I learned to ____ for“
  6. Which sweet, English word did in fact inspire the artist name „FLOSS“?


I dare you to: compliment a stranger in the street!


Get on track & stream: Like the EP tracks and follow me on Spotify to be prepared for your trip!


Station 1

Station 2

Station 3

Station 4

Station 5

Station 6