FLOSS wants more: new feminist fantasy pop single “To The Maxxxxxxxxxx” launches audiovisual rocket ride through time and space on May 27th

Photo & Design by Antonia Reiter, 3D design by Liesa Schulz


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Having defined her very own Feminist Fantasy Pop & making massive waves with her debut EP “6 FL.OZ.” in 2021, Berlin-based pop artist FLOSS launches the second single of her audiovisual 2022 hyerpop series. While previous track – DIFFUS Magazine recommendation “Break Meeeeeeeeee” – was showing her vulnerable side, “To The Maxxxxxxxxxx” is an unapologetic, maximalist anthem for those who long for more and is set for a May 27th release via new distributor

Riding a pink glitter rocket rocking a Y2K cowgirl look, FLOSS invites her listeners to “come with me over the top”. And yes, she really means it! Fans can invest in her “most hyperpop track to date” by getting shares via NFT platform in advance, democratizing music in order to share the success. The goal? To infinity and beyond. And, of course, being your true self without toning down for anyone. “If you sign up for my sh*t, check what you want off your list, call me climaximalist”. 

“To The Maxxxxxxxxxx” is a spacy pop rollercoaster going from twitchy glitch vocals and crashing electric guitars to even a third verse stating “More is more but not enough”. That’s also what FLOSS told her producers Tim & Matteo when coming up with the experimental style of sound we just can’t get enough of at the moment. FLOSS directed the track to “sound as if a time traveler from the year 2202 came back to 2022 trying to make contemporary music. But she obviously failed as the sound was still so new and very retro futuristic that she created a little butterfly effect loophole that started a new genre which will lead to her going back in time in the first place”Putting Feminist Fantasy Pop on the map: Praised by MYP Mag, DIFFUS & more, Berlin-based singer FLOSS continues to unapologetically manifest her demand for an equal world in 2022. Delivering a sass & bass-heavy sound, FLOSS, who used to work for the biggest names in fashion before launching her own brand of hyper-visual irresistible pop, just knows how to create tailor-made sonic universes with strong messages. Having quickly attracted a fan community on social media, her feminist TikToks advocating for equality (with over 5 million acummulated views) paired with her catchy tunes, maximalist style and bubbly personality make lots of women feel empowered all over the world.

Official Visualizer. PREVIEW LINK ONLY! Final Visualizer will go live HERE May 27th
Official Vertical Music Video. PREVIEW LINK ONLY! Final video will go live HERE and on IGTV May 30th.