“There’s only one good thing about a small town/You know that you want to get out.”
Feeling this classic Lou Reed lyric long before she actually got to hear it, FLOSS knew she had to get out while still in her teens. Growing up in a small German village in the middle of nowhere, she was overdosing on all things POP, dreaming up runway looks with pencils and a box of watercolors. Years later, in Paris, it was her former boss, designer Jean-Charles des Castelbajac, who eventually played her the song. At that point, she’d already followed her gut feeling. She’d left that tiny little village near Braunschweig in Northern Germany in order to get creative elsewhere: in London, then Hamburg, L.A., Paris. She’s been based in Berlin since 2018.

At 28, FLOSS says she’s been in love with all things POP for as long as she can remember. However, before actually picking up a mic and a moniker, she made her mark in the world of fashion: earned a degree in Fashion Design, took the long route around the globe to get to Paris, knocked on Monsieur de Castelbajac’s door – her own personal “King of Fashion, Art, and Rock & Roll,” as she calls him. Thanks to JC/DC she soon got to know previous POP wizards such as Yazoo, Kraftwerk, Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark. Plus, of course, The Velvet Underground and Lou Reed. And then one day, after seeing one of FLOSS’s singular Insta posts, he told her: “You should be a performer.” He was right.

In Berlin, things eventually fell into place: FLOSS was born in 2019. Five letters – and endless ways to get creative. She’d finally discovered an outlet to channel all those countless inspirations – ranging from “Gwen Stefani, Peaches, and Katy Perry” to “Uffie, Robyn, Eurythmics, Madonna’s American Life, Agar Agar” –, and to up the ante with even more bass, more color, more oomph. According to the singer, FLOSS is essentially a platform and a hub – to finally “live out all aspects of POP”. Songwriting, videos, live performances, visuals, show-stopping looks, the whole nine. “I guess the songwriting process is not so much different from coming up with a new collection,” muses the singer, who’d never been inside a studio before last fall. “It all starts with a concept, and then I come up with a mood board. I dig out more references, samples, and words that work well together… it’s like digging out fabrics you want to combine for a piece. And I think it’s important to not take myself too seriously; I always make sure to keep things a bit tongue-in-cheek,” adds FLOSS, who also promotes gender equality with @curatedbyGIRLS and speaks up for Organ Donation with Junge Helden e.V.

Following her debut single “Earth to Santa (I Am My Own Gift” (complete with a video that featured German TV host Joko Winterscheidt as Santa) and her more recent track “WIFI”, FLOSS is currently finishing her debut EP with a range of guest producers (e.g. Tim & Matteo).

Preceded by new single “SIGN,” the EP is scheduled for a summer 2021 release.



“Bombastische Bühnenoutfits und mit Synthie-Krokant überzogene Beats: Die Berliner Künstlerin FLOSS haut visuell und akustisch auf die Zwölf.”/
“Bomb-ass stage looks and sugar-coated synth beats: Berlin-based artist FLOSS gives us the whole nine – acoustically and visually.”


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