Berlin-based pop music artist FLOSS’ very own way of manifesting her demand for a feminist world has a name: Feminist Fantasy Pop. Est. 2019. Including but not limited to sound: Everything FLOSS touches with her maximalist sense of style (strongly influenced by International Camp) turns into a colorful experience for all senses. That should come as no surprise: born and bred in Northern Germany, she quickly made her mark in the world of fashion designing for Castelbajac in Paris (who told her that she “should be a performer”) and Jeremy Scott in LA.

True to the motto “More is more!”, she ultimately picked up a mic and a moniker and found her true calling: FLOSS. Five letters – and endless ways to get creative. She’d discovered an outlet to channel all those countless inspirations, to “live out all aspects of pop” and up the ante with more bass, more color, more oomph – influenced by 80s synths, 2000s vibes and sprinkles of hyperpop. Having quickly attracted a fan community through social media, her sassy feminist TikToks talking about equality (with over 5 million acummulated views) paired with her catchy tunes and bubbly personality regularly go viral and make lots of women feel empowered. What’s EVEN MORE, she also promotes diversity with @curatedbyGIRLS, speaks up for organ donation with Junge Helden e.V. and launched an NFT collection named #mybodyyourchoice selling pixelated pieces of her body to fund her art.

Following her first singles (complete with a video that featured German TV host Joko Winterscheidt), FLOSS (literally) dropped her 6-track debut-EP, entitled “6 FL.OZ.” in June 2021, defining her unique blend of irresistible pop with over 250K streams to date. In 2022, she will invite her fans even deeper into her world of hyper-visual Feminist Fantasy Pop throughout the whole year.



“Ein bisschen Gaga und jede Menge überdrehter Retro-Future-Glam”
Thomas Clausen, VOGUE Germany

„Bombastische Bühnenoutfits und mit Synthie-Krokant überzogene Beats: Die Berliner Künstlerin FLOSS haut visuell und akustisch auf die Zwölf.“
Katharina Weiß, MYP-Magazine

VOGUE, Berliner Zeitung, Tagesspiegel, MYP-Magazine, DIFFUS, LOLA , Kaltblut Magazine, Supergraben by Musikexpress, Le Future Wave, Männer Blu, GALA, Stern.de, ARD livenachneun Berliner Woche, Tres-Click.com, RND, Blonde Magazine, Curated by GIRLS, Topshop Blog (EN), Tapage (FR)

Played on radio stations like NRJ Sachsen, NJOY, MDR Sputnik, FRITZ, Eldoradio Dortmund & more

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